Red Sales In The Sunset

skya022We have just gone through the pre-Christmas, Boxing Day, and Post-Christmas sales. A few days will bring us to the New Year’s sales followed by the Summer sales and the Back-To-School sales. The cynical amongst us may be forgiven for thinking that the whole of business is one discount sale after another…and we would be right. The rhythm of regular business has given way to this.

The catch cry is always that the internet is the driving force for this change in marketing. I’m not so sure about it. On-line browsing has increased but we still do most of our final negotiation and purchase – the actual handing over of virtual cash – in a shop with an actual sales person. Web and catalogue illustrations only go so far in letting us decide about a purchase – we still have to heft whatever it is we want in the hand.

How about the on-line grocery shopping and delivery, I hear you ask. Good idea, works sometimes, is woefully short of merit at others. And the pipeline delivery of commodities that we were all looking at in the 1948 POPULAR MECHANICS magazine is really only applicable to crude oil or fresh water. Very few items of clothing or cooked chickens are delivered in pipes to our suburb, I can tell you.

On-line car shopping is fruitful if it narrows opportunities down. The chief criteria for most of this is the money figure they attach to the car. Even with bargaining and argument room you can tell if you have a hoot in hell of achieving the purchase price. No, and you might as well return to Facebook.

Hobby items show up frequently on my computer, but then I daresay that is the result of my searches. But I rarely buy the big bits and the small bits are available in a local shop. Perhaps the only thing that I get from the screen is ideas, and some of them are bad.

But Heigh-Ho…at least I do not have to find a car park space when I am browsing, so let the sales begin.


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