Drawing All The Wrong Comparisons

dscf0900A visitor to car shows who sees the displays but does not share in the effort, time, and cost of the affair is really only getting part of the picture. Even if they are enthusiastic photographers themselves they can sometimes miss seeing everything in front of them – I have been a guilty of this as anyone.

mel2014-128Still, sometimes we see connections and similarities that others don’t consider…

dscf0903Here’s two cars putting four wheels and two seats on the road in ways that are surprisingly similar. Consider that both the ’55 Lotus and th ’32 Ford B have:

a. Two seats and a picnic basket space behind them.

b. Open access to wind, sun, rain, and bugs. The cloth top of the Ford peels back and the tonneau of the Lotus zips open.

c. Outboard wheels and tyres but with attached mud guards.

d. Headlamps in separate housings.

e. External suspension rods.

f. Big wheels and tyres on the back and little ones down the front. ( Which size do you choose for a spare…? )

g. Fully enclosed engine bay.

h. Steel wheels.

I. Minimal dashboard instrumentation.

j. No bumpers.

k. An engine that is optional – you can slot different makes in there.

mel2014-129Sooooo. What exactly is the difference between a kit sports car and a hot rod, again? Is it just the country of origin or the class of the owner? I’ll bet the police licensing bureau has a field day harassing either group of enthusiasts and I’ll bet the number of trips over the pits for additional fees to satisfy the jobsworths is about equal.

dscf0901What we need is more flame jobs on sports cars and more wood-rimmed steering wheels on hot rods…



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