A New Year’s Resolution For The Little World

worldNot for Earth. I am not so arrogant as to imagine that I could think for an entire planet. I have difficulty enough deciding what to cook for dinner.

No, I mean for my little world of miniature building, photography, and other hobbies. The bits that I can manage. The bits that do not require the let or hindrance of police, government, organising committees, or paid consultants. The bits that involve glue and paint and fun.

The resolution? To look at the real world and reproduce it. In the case of the miniatures it will not be the fantasy world of the model battleship or fighter plane – it will be the real world of the local Muzz Buzz coffee stand or car wash. In the case of people photography it will be real people doing real things. Werewolves and vampires are fine, but I suspect that there is more to be seen if I just look closely at actual subjects. And then reproduce what my vision sees, rather than what a stereotype would look like.

If this sounds dead boring, it is. If it sounds great fun, it is. Just depends on who is doing the thing. I have discovered in the last year that my own memories make a fine platform upon which to build, and while they may not contribute greatly to art or science in the world, at least they can fill in some of the cultural gaps.

The same goes with the weblog columns. I’ve revamped their appearance and decided to improve the sense of rhythm as far as topics go. People will be able to see something that they have an interest in come by on the carousel on a more regular basis. Of course, I will still put in the occasional piece of iconoclasm, but then you always have to pull off a brass ring some time.

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