The Difference A Year Makes

dscf9352The readers of this column and those who attend car shows will have seen this sort of car many times – a 1958 Chevrolet. In this case a Biscayne model with two doors. The example you see was at the 2016 Victorian Hot Rod Show. Here in Perth there are several examples of the year’s Chevrolet at Big Al’s or Gillam Drive. Even a convertible:

dscf0383They will also have seen many of the 1957 Chevrolet cars as well. The body styles are reminiscent but the US car industry was committed to making bigger and better each year in the 50’s so the ’58 has a larger body, more flowing lines, minimal tailfins, and dual headlights.

dscf9348The part that puzzles me is how many more 57’s one sees than 58’s…one woild think logically that with a model one year further away in the past that this would be fewer cars surviving – but it seems to be just the opposite. Perhaps the aftermarket parts suppliers have made more for the ’57 and therefore more cars can be revitalised. Or maybe Chevrolet had a down-turn in ’58 and made fewer originals. Time for a Google check…

Well, it looks like they were neck and neck. One other fact turned up – there are full metal bodies for the ’57 being produced to order right now by custom firms so that they can be mated to original chassis. I imagine that it must take deep pockets but the idea of having a fresh metal ’57 is very attractive.

dscf9351And so is the blue Biscayne. Sorry about the reflections on the side window, but you take your chances at a car show.





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