Night And Day – We Are The Ones…

_dsf1253I am glad that I visited a friend’s house the week before Christmas because they made a terrible confession – a confession that relieves my mind. They admitted to doing exactly what I do…

I called in there during the middle of the afternoon to exchange Christmas gifts. I was delighted to find them home, and even more delighted to actually find THE home. You see, I had only ever visited there on previous occasions after dark. The ability to navigate during different light conditions is not given to all of us, and in my case is not a given at all.

It is probably related to the same thing that a cow does when it goes to water the same way each time. The pattern of the journey is imprinted on me but is not actually done with rights and lefts – it is a set of visuals that flash through the mind. These are in a particular lighting – night, day, or something in between. If I am put in the same position in another lighting condition I need to relearn a whole new set of images to navigate.

I am not sure if I could use dawn to travel successfully at dusk – the light levels might be similar but the direction would be 180º different. The shadows I would have stored up mentally would be wrong.

Well, now I can find that house after dark and in broad daylight. That would be enough for most lunch or dinner invitations – I am content. They do dynamite dinners there.

And the hostess? She confessed to having the same problem when she travels on the road. So it isn’t just me being crazy – I have company in the car.

And don’t get us started on the problem of navigating to a strange suburb at 6:00 at night – we are unsure of where to go and all the tradies and office workers coming up behind us on the road KNOW where they are going and want to get there before the beer gets warm or the wife gets cold. It makes for suburban road rage.


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