Sensible or Sendable?

rageDecisions, decisions…

For those of us with social media accounts this can be a real thing. We see something that excites us and we wish to leap in there and comment immediately. Sometimes our emotions far outstrip our judgement. We grasp the wrong end of an argument and wave it about like a scimitar. And then make ourselves look like asses in front of our friends…

Worse – sometimes our immediate reaction to breaking news can be used later to affect proper procedures. Think about social media postings being used as an excuse to abort a sensational criminal trial. This is an unnecessary obstruction to justice, an additional impost on the court system, and a burden on the public purse.

I don’t know whether or not the ” social media frenzy ” defence has ever let a serious criminal escape justice, but the thing has been mentioned as a possibility. It is to be avoided.

To this end, I now look very carefully at what I post, before I hit the ” send ” button. I have written and then discarded some posts – venting steam here in the computer room, but not letting that steam escape. My final writing may not be politically correct, and may also contain the occasional spelinge mistuke but at least does not hamper real courts or real elections.


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