The Rod Lesser Travelled…


At the hot rod shows I attend I can always count on seeing a Ford. I can also always count on seeing a Holden and a Chevrolet. If they are not cars that have been built here in Australia, they have been imported. Many they are, and many the variants that grace the show floor or the car park.


But after this, it can be somewhat of a free-for-all. Cars of all makes have been seen – Packard, Cadillac, Buick, Mercury… and the GMC and Studebaker…


But fewer MOPAR vehicles, and few indeed of the mid-50’s Dodge and Plymouth. Either there were fewer of them, or fewer have lasted. I am grateful when one turns up.


The Plymouth and Dodge cars you see here were in the Swan Valley or at Gillam Drive. Not overworked customs by any means – very close to standard Dodge or Plymouth sedans, with a great deal of preservation work done on them rather than chop abouts. It is difficult to say whether this is because the owners cannot see a radical design calling from inside the small bodies of the sedans or if it is just too hard to get parts and panels to contribute to the work.


I can imagine that they would have been a common set of vehicles in North America in those years – we drove a Dodge in ’66 and lots of our friends had other Plymouths before that. I do not recall seeing any custom MOPAR then, but that was in the Canadian bush and country towns – oddly enough I cannot remember seeing a Cranbrook in Cranbrook…


Never mind – here are three different cars with some interesting details. I am particularly pleased to see that their interiors have not been neglected. It is inside the car where the retro enthusiast can really start to feel the spirit of the times. All it need is some California Poppy and the smell of a Chicko Roll.







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