Hourly Rate Of Non-Pay


During my dirty working time, I had hourly rates of pay. It might not have been set out as clearly as a pay slip when I was in business for myself, but there it was nevertheless. I hasten to add that it wasn’t all that much – nor was it when I was employed in my last job. But it was enough.

Now I’m retired, the hourly rate of pay is extremely low ( while the hourly rate of enjoyment is extremely high ). This was depressing until I realised that I could boost it back to the old levels in this last year by including the non-pay.

Non-pay is when I don’t pay out – when I conserve money. I have just totted up the savings for this year in one area alone – buying photographic equipment – and it has been a profitable time.

The urge to splurge is natural with all of us. I get it about once a week when I go through hobby stores or camera shops – or when I review the car ads in hot rod and old car magazines. The gottahavits  grab me and I start reading up all the tech specs and price lists. And I positively, definitely plan to go out and buy the lens/car/model kit as soon as the shops open.

Then I don’t go…dishes to be done, another coat of paint to put on the current model, more computer work to do…or another of these internet essays to write. Tomorrow.

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps on the petty pace…and soon it is two weeks later. I have survived two weeks without the shiny bauble, and it no longer grips my mind. The $140, $650, or $ 24,000  that was to go from my bank account is still there and I am safe. And the money that I saved divided over the two week period – 2 x 38 working hours – can be calculated as an hourly wage – of course under the taxation laws you must take into account the fact that the money paid out would be after tax – add that on to the rate.

Under this regime, I seem to have pulled a higher rate of pay for two months non-work in this retirement year than for the previous 8 years in employment. The results I get taking photos have not suffered.

My next task will be to calculate how much I have been non-paid by the local motor car agencies. I dare not even contemplate the amount of non-pay from the tailor, shoemaker, or other clothiers. – not with my closet full of old clothes.

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