Reconciliation – Or What To Do When Crying Fails


We all have to face a problem in the end…sometimes we cannot have what we want. The job, candidate, possession, or love that we desire is denied us and no amount of outrage, passion, complaint, or demand will deliver it. We are out of luck. SOL, as they say in Medicine Hat…

Some go into a real decline over this sort of thing. They give themselves over to a lifetime of complaint and sadness and never seem to recover well enough to lead functional lives. There are volumes dedicated to this sort of thing in the Victorian Novel section of your library. They are very sad.

Others realise that futility is…well…futile. They may not drop their desires but they do stop making ineffectual gestures. They stop drawing the attention of the cheap press and…not surprisingly…stop drawing the contempt of the general public onto themselves.

The best types respond with a realisation that they may have to change their desires. New ideas might have to be formulated if they are to get back into the swing of things. They might even come to the conclusion that some of the things they thought they wanted were wrong – and not getting them is a boost their future.

Is this me? Is this you? Is it your friend on Facebook that has been moaning for the last three years about something?

Well, I’m going to ditch the desires that will never come true and go for the ones that have a chance. I’m not ashamed of wanting the things I once wanted, but if all those desires are ever going to be to me is a source of future pain, I would be a fool to keep grasping them so tightly. So…good bye to them. I will make friends with the things I can actually do, have, and achieve.

That’s a load off the mind, eh?

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