I have recently been scolded for taking the piss out of people. I’m not surprised that I got the backlash – the person who complained was probably feeling a bit dehydrated at the time. That sort of thing can make you cranky.

Perhaps I was a little to obvious in my writing – and obvious is never a good thing in humour…particularly as comedy depends so much upon timing and exposure too soon in the joke spoils the ending. Let’s face it, we have all ruined a good joke at some stage of the game by blurting out the punchline too soon. I learned long ago that the best thing at that stage is just to drop it – no amount of backtracking will set the thing in operation again.

I have also learned that, just as revenge is a dish best enjoyed cold, public derision is most enjoyable when the subject does not perceive it. It is even more delicious when they contribute by applauding their own downfall. It would be a sad and disreputable thing to oil the stairs at the old folk’s home in hopes that they would fall to the bottom, but it is no sin to quote a famously cynical line from a famously false showman to someone who is trying the same flim flam…and then have them agree publicly.

Does that also sound cynical and false? Goodoh. The vitamins are working.

* Wee, the people…It gets better – you can make transparently and outrageously foolish statements to Australian politicians and as long as it seems to be their party line they and their supporters will write back and agree.


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