Industrial Relics


Well, it’s not like I discovered the lost Powerhouse Of Machu Pichu…all I did was find an old iron turntable in a back lane of Perth. But I still reckon it is a find.


The lane runs off Queen Street and serves a set of old buildings on Murray Street. I reckon they must have been large stores at one stage of the game that received wagons or lorries full of goods. The lane was probably considered too narrow to turn a wagon in so they installed a flat-bed iron turntable in a concrete well. It was made a close fit to the well to prevent hooves or wheels from going down the crack.


At some stage of the game they must have decided to bolt it shut – probably to prevent someone going arse over on it in a modern car and sueing the lessees.


From the bolt pattern  I think there is a 5-point framework under the iron plates – it would have been designed to take a fair tonnage – and it probably has a centre pintle.

I just itch to go down there, unbolt it, and see what happens when you spin it… The black car you see in the picture had to exit the lane but did so by reversing to the street using its rear-mounted video camera. Cheating.

Note: Ledger turns up as a name associated with the railways and East Perth power station in the early 1900’s so it is a local engineering job.


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