Tiki Love Truck


I am tempted to post the pictures taken of the Tiki Love Truck here and not add any commentary, as there does not seem to be anything superlative to say that is not encompassed by the images. However, a brief summary:


It was encountered in the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney in January 2016. It formed the centrepiece of an exhibition that dealt with objects that had been used for political protests. I believe it was made to protest something in the southwest of the United States. I’m sorry that I cannot say what that might have been, but it certainly seems an unusual and artistic way of howling.


Good taste and bad taste have little to do with art. Indeed they sometimes have little to do with hot rods or utes, either. You may like or loathe it at your leisure and you will be perfectly correct in either attitude.


I am just glad that I got to see it. It may not have the art deco appeal of a Hispano Suiza 1936 limousine, but it does at least stay in the memory.






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