The Initial Surprise Has Worn Off


It must be a matter of intolerable nervous tension on the part of industrial planners and political organisers when they formulate a company name or an election slogan. They do their best but they can never be certain what the future will do to the name.

Take the Dutch car makers – DAF. Their complete name was Van Doorne’s Automobielfabrick N.V. Doesn’t exactly slip off the Anglo-Saxon tongue so the DAF is understandable. As they made rather sweet little 2-door sedans called Daffodils the whole thing might have worked out well.

Until the modern predilection for mobile text acronyms…DAF currently stands for Dodgy As F—…and they cannot be pleased with that in Eindhoven.

Likewise, the Women’s Trade Federation feels some justifiable grievance toward social media.

The North Sunderland Fish Wholesalers rarely receives any images through their email. The ones that arrive are of a startling nature.

The Prime Minister’s Society of Letters is laughed at…but not for the right reasons.

Even the simple act of making an appointment to meet someone next Tuesday has become fraught.

I am going to abandon the language. From now on I will communicate via numbers. There are so many passwords needed anyway, that it will eventually become quite natural.





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