Our Second Sheet of Tips For The Angry Democrat


In our introduction we promised practical ideas that you can use to make trouble in the next four years, or until someone gives you what you want. Here they are:

a. You’ll want to stay in touch with people who are of a like mind. To this end, form associations with a political theme. “Afternoon Ladies’ Anti-Trump League ” sounds trite, but at least has the virtue of attracting ladies. You may be able to get a block booking at the tea rooms for your Tuesday lectures.

” All Union People’s Democratic Anti-Republican Resistance Co-operative Coalition ” sounds well and will certainly be popular with second-year Arts College students, but is rather a money trap – you’ll spend a fortune on inkjet cartridges doing the letterhead alone.

” American League of Disgruntled Voters ” is honest, but the use of the word disgruntled may offend some religious people as it is close to the sound a pig makes. ” Sad ” is a better word to use in this case, and may attract the emo vote. They are officially known as Sadi’s.

Try to avoid using Mr. Obama’s name in your literature until he has had time to get far enough away – it is courteous to an outgoing President and prudent in case they dig anything up. Likewise avoid Mrs. Clinton’s name as it will not be a help. It didn’t help her…

b. Ask for support from writers and editors who have also been disappointed in the outcome of the election. I should think a professional letter to Ellsworth Toohey at the office of the New York Banner would receive a warm response. He is a man after your own heart and will do all he can to assist you.

c. Employ a good firm of graphic designers to make a logo for you. Logos sell more potato crisps, political agendas, and air compressors than any other form of advertising. People may not remember the good or evil that person has done but they do remember the brand logo attached to them, and if you make that picture appealing you can cover anything with it.

To this end we have attached a scan of a recent sticker found in the cistern of a public urinal in Fremantle, Western Australia. It is everything you stand for, and if you stand close enough, you won’t get wet shoes.


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