Someone, somewhere, is making money from the Supermoon…but I cannot for the life of me figure out how.

The moon for the last few nights has been larger and brighter by some 14 to 30 per cent, according to different publications. This is because of orbital geometry between it and Earth and will not recur for 60 or more years. All those with a sense of history, fatality, or ownership are being urged to go out and look at the thing.

It is a moon. Yellow at the horizon because of atmospheric pollutants and white as it climbs into the sky. As round as it ever is, and very moon-like.

I suspect it is having some effect on tides here on Earth, and also upon people who are some way toward madness. It always seemed to do so whenever there was a full moon while I was in practice and was confronted with patients, and I daresay this much-trumpeted event will draw even more. I should not like to be in the emergency room of  Royal Perth or Fiona Stanley Hospital this week as the stream of entitled loonies would be never-ending.

I wonder if the people who sell telescopes and tracking devices for camera have had a bumper month? I used the good old Fujifilm X-E2 last night with the longest lens available to me to lay down a couple of moon files for future studio use. I think I shall shop a Ford Model A flying past it.

Well, you need not be a complete lunatic to be a little mad…


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