The Backstabbers Guild Of Australia’s Guide To The The Post Election


It has been several days since the November elections in the United States of America and during the interim the BGA monitoring station has been recording the social media reaction. This has been submitted to our Board of Analysis and a number of findings have emerged:

a. Some of the writers are unhappy that the American people voted in sufficient numbers to elect Donald Trump as President.

b. These writers have access to internet postings of other people who are also angry about this, and are linking their posts to these further expressions of distaste. They wish us to read these unhappy messages.

c. Few of the expressions of anger seem to be directed at the wife of Donald Trump so far – though this will undoubtedly increase as time goes by.

d. No-one has yet complained about the Vice-President-elect – Mr. Michael Pence. Perhaps they do not dislike him or perhaps they have just used up this month’s bandwidth already.

e. We consulted Hanrahan, Daniel Croke, and young O’Neil and they were of one voice; “We’ll all be rooned.” They were chewing bark at the time…

f. Michael Moore, John Pilger, and Oliver Stone are officially unhappy about things.

It was pointed out by one board member that many of the primary writers onto the social media site have a putative allegiance to interests that are not likely to be served well by the new administration. The use of the term ” allegiance ” created some stir as it is the first time that loyalty to anything has been mentioned at NGA headquarters. The board member is being investigated.

But it does point out that the results of the survey may be skewed by the very select nature of the sample group. Undoubtedly there are statistical mechanisms to correct this but in the meantime it raises somewhat of a question; in the case of the Facebook people who have said that they do not like Mr Trump for various reasons, what does Mr Trump think of them?

This is difficult to say – we do not have a direct link to his Facebook account to ask and there is bound to be so much going on in the run-up to taking office that paper communication would be wasted. As to the business of seeing what domestic and foreign policy will really be, and who is to be in cabinet, and who is to be removed from public office, we will just have to wait and see.

In the meantime we will continue to monitor the airwaves, so to speak, and closely observe the behaviour of our friends.

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