Why Wasn’t I Told…


That phrase in Australia, said with a high-pitched voice, gets you a wry grin.

It’s been forever linked to Dorrie Evans – a character in a 1970 television soap opera called ” N0.96 ” – who was played by a great actress, Pat McDonald. She’s long gone by now but the phrase – her catch cry when she wasn’t able to snoop successfully into something – has remained a standard within the national consciousness.

I was guilty of it myself yesterday when I opened my Facebook and discovered that a shop I write for has opened a new branch without letting me know in advance. As I tout their wares on the net, I figured that I should have been in on the secrets before the doors were thrown open – if  for nothing more than to get publicity shots for advertisements.

I suspect that the thing advanced faster than the management publicity machine could cope with. The outward calm of a commercial venture as is sails on by is frequently the result of frantic paddling below the waterline.

I shall visit the place in the next couple of hours to get material to write about. I expect calm chaos, and I will be prepared to make the most of it. As a matter of professional courtesy I will not attempt to increase it.


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