It Takes A While To Digest A Fat Rat


This vehicle appeared in this year’s Hot Rod and Street Car show but I have just now gotten around to considering it. It takes a deal of looking.


I can recognise the basic cab as one derived from a Holden – the sharp bulge shape of the belt line confirms that. After that it is an entirely different thing. Overseas readers may be tempted to think that all Australia cars are made by the same people who produced Mad Max…this is not generally the case. There are milder versions. The small sedans that the local Sisters Of Mercy drive for their convent work do not have machine guns, though they do have scythes on the hubcaps. They’re not THAT merciful, you understand…


I will leave it to the eye of the beholder to discover the beauties of the car. Likewise to discern exactly what has been used where in the build. The quick will see the silver fern on the radiator cowl and understand that a person from New Zealand has built it. That would also account for the rat-cage headlight housings, air cleaner, and tail gate.


I suspect it is a work in progress and will re-appear with additional embellishments in the future. Whether they include licence plates is uncertain yet, but the vehicle inspectors are brave and stalwart men and you never can tell.



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