Acting And Re-enacting – Part One – The Day Out


I have recently considered the business of actors and re-enactors – as recently as last week, when I enjoyed a day on the grounds of Government House. In costume. No, I wasn’t playing Queen Victoria – I was just an itinerant photographer. I accompanied 7 others dressed in clothing reminiscent of the period of time in which the building was relevant. The general public was allowed in for free to stroll and gawk in areas normally forbidden them.

Were we re-enactors? Not really. We were visual props, as were several veteran motor cars, a section of the Army pipe band, and a complete Salvation Army band. I ‘ll bet none of us were paid for attendance and I know that at least one of me wasn’t fed or watered either, but I didn’t mind – I gathered $ 100 worth of commercial blog material that will pay off eventually.

Were we actors? Hard to tell – no script, no parts, no direction other than the internal orders of the day within the Great War society. Did we have an audience? Did we entertain them?

More to the point, did they entertain us? I can say yes to this – the crowd had very few wallys in it and the ones that did pipe up were pretty tame. Perhaps the venue dictated the manners. If so, I will be going again next year. I had a lovely time. I thought the hanging went off very well, and even if my shoes were painful at the end of the day it was worth it.


But there are other questions…and other rules to follow. Follow on …

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