Lord Rutherford…1.5 K Talking About This


Hot trending…

Have you noticed the little box on the Facebook page that brings you the latest statistics of who is tending to trend? It asks you to follow someone famous who has said something about someone else famous. And have you noticed that the something is generally vapid and annoying at the same time? In fact…infamous?

Congratulations. You’ve been manipulated. You can put your underwear on and leave now.

The box didn’t get there by itself, nor did the posting. Someone put it there for a purpose – to get you to read what they want you to believe. It does not matter whether it is true or not – whether it is apposite or not – whether it is necessary for any aspect of your life. What IS important is that you read it and were influenced in some way.

What is even more important is who posted it and why. A faceless computer at Facebook? A faceless staffer at Facebook? Zukerberg himself from a PC in Mom’s basement? We’ll never know who. And we’ll never know exactly why, because we don’t know who  in turn influenced the poster.

Perhaps it is better we do not know. Lord Rutherford lived his entire life without accessing the internet and we are all better off for that. We are not in the same fortunate position as he was, but we can gain some small measure of comfort by just not clicking on the little box.



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