All Is In Order!

brass-crossThe Backstabbers Guild of Australia prides itself upon the accuracy and correctness of the articles that are published under its aegis. We never tolerate spelinge errors, and therefore we are never under the eye of the Grammarian Stormtroopers. Others are not so lucky nor so precise; they feel the lash and fury of correction. A single Grammarian Stormtrooper has been known to decimate 4 columns of entrenched English…

To recognise the correct and hygienic efforts of the GS we are issuing the Brass Cross. It will be pinned to the breast of the GS…or at least to the severe grey tunic covering that breast…in front of the assembled regiment. There will be order, or there will be consequences!

Old-comrade meetings of grammarian Stormtroopers in the future will be jolly. This has been entered into standing orders. After the jolly time is finished the celebrants will return to their barracks.

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