The Vice – Regal Rod


I think the Governor of Western Australia is secretly a hot rodder. There is no other explanation for keeping a black car in the Australian summer – particularly if it’s an older one with a vertical grille. And fat tyres. And an overstuffed interior.

She did do a bit of a cleanup on it for the Government House Open Day – the Mexican blankets were taken off and the Macca’s wrappers and empty tinnies were cleaned out of the back seat. But you could see the tell-tale signs of rodderdom; discrete striping down the side, special hubcaps, and a custom licence plate. Driving spotties too.

I note that she is also keeping the old sticker on the LHS of the windscreen – probably nostalgia because they don’t issue them any more with new car rego. I can’t say I am sorry to see them go. It was always a pain to try to stick a wet paper towel along the inside of the screen long enough to soften the old sticker. It would either fall off and make a mess of the dash or dry up in the WA summer heat.

Even if you did succeed in leaving it on long enough the blasted sticker never actually came off in one piece – you always ended up trying to scrape the last vestiges off and the bits went into the carpet. Then when you put the new one back on ( all that effort to do the same thing again ) you always got it a bit skewed and had to motor round for a year with a wonky coloured patch distracting your left eye. Good riddance.

I didn’t get to pop the bonnet on the roller because security was hovering but I reckon there is a lot of chrome under there. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Her Excellency had an exhaust cutout fitted with a control cable through to the back seat. When she wants to cruise on Saturday night round the cappuccino strip in Freo she probably has her chauffeur gun it just past Hungry Jacks and she pops the cutout to scare the sitters.

Well, I would…

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