No Dis Allowed


And no dat either, if a Facebook post today is to be believed…

As is usual, today brought a flood of political posts regarding the forthcoming American election. I see them because people who are on my friends list capture and share them. I’ve often wondered…if we did not have computers, social media, and Facebook, would people I know take the time to drive to round my house, ring the bell, and thrust a smarmy poster in my face?

Considering what some of them are like, probably yes. It is part of their endearing charm.

Today’s horror had a preface to it. The writer of the screed specified that if any disrespectful remarks were made they would be deleted…then proceeded to make disrespectful remarks. I shouldn’t wonder if the writer then took people to task for hypocrisy…

I did not bite, as I recognised the lure. It has been dangled by any number of people who want to fish you up out of the  social media stream and then make disrespectful remarks to you…but will not allow a reply. I’ve been caught and thrown back a half-dozen times and have only scars for it. I avoid taking baits these days.

As for my own fishing expeditions…putting up ex-communist posters with re-written captions to scramble the current situation – well, I welcome outraged response. I don’t think I’ll get it, because frankly with some of my Facebook friends I don’t think THEY’LL get it, but you never can tell. I’ve had a few snorfles from the cleverer ones and that is payment enough.

Remember folks, social media is a listening post and you give away more than you’d think when you share your thoughts. And a great deal more than that when you share your non-thoughts…





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