How Dare You Call Us Nazis…


A small post on Facebook ( AKA Mother of Annoyance ) about the topic of WW2 German tanks drew a howl of protest when the story referred to the devices as nazi tanks. Writers into the post insisted that only an exceedingly tiny percentage of the German population were nazis and wanted to have some sort of distinction drawn*.

Well, we can do that if you wish, but that means looking at how many nazis there were and how many of the other  people did what the nazis wanted them to do. People who were armed with…WW2 German tanks…and planes…and artillery…and rifles…and presumably pretzels and beer. But still did it. For years.

When we are told that they were not nazis but, armed to the teeth as they were, they did what they were told, it begs the question whether they were craven or complicit. Several books on the subject have been written and have  embarrassed the nation for the last few years.

I’ve got my own opinion and my own reasons for not revealing it. You are welcome to yours. But consider that the use of the word ” nazi ” may be giving the population of Germany a convenient mental escape hatch. They shouldn’t be too quick to proudly slam it shut, lest they be on the wrong side of the armour…

  • oddly, none of their relatives were ever in the NSDAP…



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