All Model T Fords Are Black


The fact that all Model T Ford cars are black is well-known. The story is about that Henry Ford was an economical man who utilized everything that he could find around his plant to make his cars from…even using wood from the engine crates to make floorboards…and that he was not about to add fripperies like multiple colours in paint choice for economy vehicles. Hence the 1910 Ford you see here in somber black.

Some people in the past have said that there was a small amount of colour mixed in with the paint that could be seen as a tint if you got the light at just the right angle. Enthusiasts used to stand on the street corners in Detroit looking at T’s from all angles to see if they could get the fabled ” colour flash ” but it was very rarely reported.

What was proved, however, was that certain individuals in the population have deficiencies in their eyesight that stop them from seeing the entire black spectrum. The retinas that might contain millions of cones and rods to gather light can be overpowered by  the circulatory infundubulum and the qualifera of the interstices fails to react with the Eltran layer. Thus they see distorted black…in some case it tends to run to a weak pink colour.

As the condition worsens – and we are talking about serious disease here – the colour may seem a little brighter. Doctors have warned that this sort of sight dooms the sufferer to moral decay and financial ruin. Trotsky saw red cars and look what happened to him.


Well, enjoy the fine example of a black Model T Ford – as we said a 1910 tourer with a magnificent canvas and leather hood stretched up above it. Any way you look at it, it’s elegant motoring. Maybe Henry wasn’t such a penny pincher as they all said.


6 thoughts on “All Model T Fords Are Black

  1. Great photos and thanks for posting. “Any colour you want as long as its black” is true but from 1915 and in USA. Mass production and speed demanded one (fast drying) colour. This was Japan Black. Prior to that and especially in Canada where this T was made, red, blue, green and white were available. Fancy ornate pin striping was also dropped once the demand increased. Carmine Red and Brewster Green were the most popular colours in Canada. As the paint quality was poor compared to today’s standards the dark green soon faded and appeared black. USA standardised on Brewster Green in 1910


    1. Wonderful. Thank you for posting this – I hope other people get to see it too. We were speculating whether there was an aftermarket in respraying Fords for people who wanted multi-colours. I also wondered whether there were a lot of commercial vehicles that might have had different schemes for advertising. Would you care for some printed photos?


      1. Good afternoon Dick. Yes, printed photos (say two of each) would be appreciated. Please advise how we can arrange this with you. Alan


      2. Dick, we are happy to collect them from your home or you could drop them off at my parents home in Mt Pleasant or post to us? We are in Hillarys and assume this would be out of your way as you live south of the river from memory
        Thank you. Alan


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