The Sequel, Or Why They Took My Chainsaw Away


The computer is back. WordPress is back. All the programs are back. The only thing that is missing is $ 85 and my peace of mind.

Yesterday saw the downing of tools by the Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 and Lightroom 6 programs. And the Epson scanner connection. In their place was a nonsense warning and the invitation to complain to Adobe. Adobe did not want to know.

Today saw four trips through the worst of the freeway traffic to the computer shop – at the worst times. There was enough angst generated to fuel a spread of torpedos. I did not hit anyone but it was not for the lack of trying.

The problem turned out to be the need to convert the old iMac operating system to the new operating system. It cost me $ 85 for the techs to plug it in and mouse a control. I could have done it myself if the message that was generated by the computer had made actual sense…A simple ” Change To The New Mac OS ” would have done it – not the gobbledegook about telephony cores and such.

I am starting to become suspicious of a company policy that alters itself unbidden and then punishes you for not wishing to change. I paid for the old OS and now apparently paid for the new one. I would like to deal with a merchant that let me own the thing I paid for without milking me for more. They might cajole and seduce if they wished but not compel.




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