The Meh List

The Meh list – also known as the M list – is the middle ground between the B for Bucket list and the F for something rude list. It is a compilation of things that I do not care one way or the other about. While that makes it sound as if there is no point in writing it out, it does actually have an important  role to play in mental health – it provides breathing space.

Let me explain. If I absolutely love Bavarian Liver Cake with sprinkles and put it on the top of my B list I elevate it to the most desirable experience in the world. If I detest it, and put it on the F list the opposite set of emotions is triggered. Neither one of them is likely to make me happy – if I get Liver Cake I will grow tired of it, and if I never get it I will grow tired of hating it.

If it is placed on the Meh shelf I can take it or leave it and not feel obligated to generate hormones or enzymes because of it. Time is freed up for better pursuits and the mental boiler runs at a lower pressure.

It is the same with people. If they are on the M list I can meet them and be pleasant for a decent period of time…then slope off and be pleasant to others. It is the ideal mental attitude for a cocktail party or diplomatic conference. Metternich probably had an M list the size of a bed sheet. Mind you, Mme. Pompadour had a bed sheet the size of France…

The M list provides a good deck to land things that have taken off from the B list or the F list if their circumstances change mid-flight. It means that new information can be taken on board and new decisions made without having to make those decisions final. And people can stay on the M list forever with no damage to either their character or mine.


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