The B List – My Own Mental Rubik’s Cube


The B list – a document containing things I want to do – is taking shape in Pages here on the computer. I have used one of the proprietory templates to set it out – more for the art of the thing than for efficiency. It is just a bullet list, but without the primers. We shall have to wait and see whether I can muster up enough propellant to actually fire anything off.

I can say at the outset that the list might have contained a lot more things but in the last 40 or so years I have actually done a tonne of stuff already. Making the list has pointed out how blessed I have been in this, and if nothing other than a sense of gratitude comes from it, I shall have been rewarded. The good thing about the B list is it is not a place that you have to list any regrets – all the items are desires. If I am honest with myself, they will be honest desires. ( If I have dishonest desires I can enter federal politics…)

Ever make one of these lists? Did yours include possessions that you wanted to own – or relationships you wanted to experience? I am surprised to find that, by and large, mine does not. The only product that appears on it amounts to no more than $ 300-$400 and I suspect it is the building and operation rather than the possession that attracts me. My relationships satisfy me now, and I don’t appear to lust after anyone in particular. All my friends are safe.

What does recur is the desire to go to certain places, and to see certain things – humble things. The highlights of the world do not seem to be for me – my wishes operate at a lower level. They do not take me to dangerous nor to expensive places. As an aside, I can be horrified by the price list for food in a local hotel but I can’t tell you whether that is founded on high local prices or miserliness. I have been known to pass up the opportunity to eat when the price surpassed that of a tank of petrol or a hardbound book.

The encouraging thing about having a modest B list is that it might actually match my means – I may be able to do many of the things on it. Prior life had more money in it that exists now, and some expensive desires were satisfied then. As I rarely re-visit my pleasures, I can be glad that they are done and dusted. The memories are free. Now I can concentrate on simpler things and the utilization of everything that has been accumulated. If I can find a use for dust bunnies from under the bed, I think that I can be happy well into next century.


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