The Electric Screwdriver


The British television who ” Dr. Who “* has featured a device that they call a “sonic screwdriver “. It would appear to have been made of a real screwdriver with added prop bits, and quite possibly lights up when the actors presses a button. All very well, but it is no match for a real-life electric screwdriver when it comes to actually doing work.

Now I generally pooh pooh the wife buying tools – she has made some monumentally expensive blunders getting the wrong items for some home handyman jobs and we’ve beaten a regular path back to Bunnings to get our money back or the things repaired. But I will tip my hat to her for the purchase of a small green Ryobi 4V screwdriver kit. She done good.

It is modest enough – a pouch with the tool, a charger, and a bar of screwdriver heads. it is simple – one trigger and one switch to send the thing forward or reverse. You can dial the degree of force with which it twirls the screw heads round and the changing of the bits is a quick push of the chuck.

Best of all, it carries enough charge in its lithium battery after about 1/2 hour of plug-in to work for an hour or more. I used it to disassemble a metal gazebo and it made easy and fast work of what was a daunting task. It is also good for assembling cabinets when you have to drive in phillips-head screws. No more sore wrists.

A novelty? Yes. A frippery? No. this makes production assembly or disassembly possible and you can use it in places where you could not get purchase to swing a standard screwdriver. Hope it lasts.


  • I did see one episode of this and was prompted to suggest that they change the title to ” Dr. Why? “.

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