Laying A LOG…Doing The Paperwork


Let me translate that for you. I was in a discussion with a friend last night and we speculated upon LOGs…Levels Of Governance…and how many we all labour under.

As Australians, we are ruled by a set of federal statutes, state statutes, and local statutes. This is Canberra, our state parliament, and the local council wherever we live. Even if we are nomadic, we still find ourselves hemmed by these three in some way.

If we are employed, an employer is a ruler of our lives. If the employment is professional it draws in another level of professional board management.

If we are minors or dependant adults there is family government to control us.

If we are in the military there is an entire new rulebook to obey, and one backed up with fierce punishment for transgression.

And every club, society, school, league, or team that we join sets itself astride our life at yet another angle.

A religion may control even our thoughts, as well as our actions, and this in spite of all the other law-makinjg bodies named above.

And in a final indignity, the political fabrications of the USSR, EU, Commonwealth, SEATO, NATO, ANZUK , ANZUS, League Of Nations, United Nations, and the Tammany Ring all shout at us from the newspaper and the computer screen with ” International Law”.

It’s no exaggeration to see that a normal adult may have 10 or 11 society rulebooks set in front of them – 10 or 11 fingers wagged at them with threats and punishments – every hour of the day. Helluva lot of governance for a supposedly free individual. Makes the medieval system look like a doddle – one priest and one lord of the manor to satisfy and that was all.

Well, I’ve decided that I can do something about this. I am not a convict and I am not going to dance around with all these LOGs on my toes. In the future:

  1. I cannot avoid – and would not seek to evade  – the statutes of the federal, state, and local governments. In Australia they are largely there in good faith and have been worked out to a reasonable compromise for the good of the population as a whole. I shall abide by the laws willingly and if I want them changed I shall pursue legal means to so do. Don’t expect me to enter public office but at least I can write my demands in.
  2. I am retired, and while I can live in decency, will stay so. No employer to govern me, other than myself.
  3. I’m an adult and still in possession of my faculties. No family orders need be taken.
  4. I’m a civilian and not under military discipline. If I am at all disciplined it will come from inside myself.
  5. I shall freely associate with people upon an individual basis – hopefully with dignity and humour – but see no need to lay myself servile under organisational rules so to do.
  6. Formal religions need not call at the door. Informal ones need not send me chiding posts on Facebook.
  7. The political combinations of the world are as far away from me as the moon. Visits to other countries will be under their statutes, of course, but I shall be very careful where I go.

I am hoping to reduce the LOGs in my life to 3 or 4 and to touch upon them so lightly as to never feel the pressure. It may not be a formal philosophy, but it might just be balm for the soul.


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