You Can Buy A Policy To Protect The Warranty…


And you need never worry about extra shipping charges on the removal clause for the two year extension of the general service option. You can sleep soundly at night…

You bet I can, Sport. I’ve been in retail myself for 8 years and I know how the game works:

A. The clothes dryer stops. The serviceman says that the motor has seized and it will cost $ 400 to replace it. You laugh and then both of you agree that it just isn’t worth it for a 15-year-old white goods appliance. You offer him the thing for spares as long as he will discard the casing for you and he accepts. You part on good terms. The dryer did all it was going to do and it is no shame to get a new one.

B. You look at the on-line catalogs for three major appliance retailers in the area. $ 500 give or take $ 50 is the price for the size dryer you want – there’s about 6 brands to choose from.

C. You go to one of the stores. The salesman homes in on you as you are looking at the one that you want. He tries to sell you one that is 6 times as expensive. You refuse. Then he tries 3 x the price. No. Then 2 x…

D. Eventually he agrees to see if they have the one you want in stock. They do. The deal moves to the cash register counter.

E. Now he offers the extended warranty. It already goes for 2 years – and one of those is compulsory by state law. He would like you to sign up for thee more years. Peace of mind is a phrase that trips over his lips.

F. You counter by wondering out loud whether an appliance that will only go for two years is worth the $ 500..he blenches, which is a good sign. Then the offer switches to extended delivery and no-cost removal of the old dryer.

G. We’re taking it in the back of the Suzuki and the old one is long gone, Sport… If the price is the $ 500 sticker price you will buy.

H. Three more attempts on different flim flams. Three more refusals.

I. Final agreement. $ 500. They make a healthy profit anyway. The entire song and dance was an attempt to wring more money out of you

J. You drive round to the rolladoor where the warehouseman loads the machine into the back of the car and it fits ( You measured it all up before…).

K. To home, hook it up, and dry the clothes.

You have a peaceful mind and dry clothes.



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