Heavy Harry


I used to avoid cars at the shows that were obviously unfinished – it was not snobbery so much as not wanting to look when they weren’t quite dressed…I was sympathetic to someone who desperately wanted to show their build but just hadn’t gotten enough time or money to finish for the opening date. Now I have been to enough shows to realise that there are some vehicles that are just never going to be complete – so I might as well love ’em when I see ’em…


Here’s a January 2016 view of a Ford F600 – a seriously large small truck on a tray-top chassis. It is obviously a work in progress and I hope that it does go further – and that the builder has the chance to bring it back to Melbourne in the future as a finished deal.


The idea of a truck-rod is not new – ever since the Model T/A small-bed pickups were made people have been using them and eventually relinquishing them to hot rodders for the glamour treatment. Bigger cabs, though, are not as common. Big modern cabs the least common of all. I wonder if the price of them means that they are used far longer in their commercial life before falling into the enthusiast’s hands?  Then again, the extra weight and size means you need to be dedicated to want to take the art of work and make it into a work of art.


That’s a big cab. It would be a great ride for someone who themselves were larger – as many truck drivers seem to be. The seats are big. The dash is not overcrowded with instruments either, so there should be plenty of space for a bigger stereo and some air conditioning.


In the back, apart from the box that crowds out the front of the tray, all is pretty plain. If you had the full tray you could stack some pretty heavy goods out there – I’ll bet the owner dreads it when his mates move house because guess who gets the first phone call…Maybe that is why it has the red warning plate.

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