I Love Shopping On The Internet…


And then spending my money in a local store…

I noticed when I was in retail trade that the situation was frequently reversed – people would determine that they were going to buy camera equipment cheaply overseas but could not get a feel of the gear from computer images. So they would heave up on the other side of the counter and ask to handle the latest and greatest of the Whatever Camera Company’s products. Gavin Carvalho nailed it perfectly when he said he could tell who were going to be internet tyre-kickers – they would bounce the camera up and down in their hands as if they were judging a prize bologna sausage at the Royal Show. The sales-less interview would always finish with them telling us that they were going home to have a think about it.

There was a temptation ask ” What with? ” but we never gave into it…

I, on the other hand, wanted to buy some items for my hobby of miniature scene construction. The Little theatre and all. I went the other route – googled Australian and overseas suppliers of doll house supplies and carefully compared their offerings and prices to fit out a 1:12 study. Chairs, desks, bookcases, etc., totted up the price for purchase, packing, handling, postage, customs clearance, enchiladas, and water pump gaskets ( they charge for everything…) and then went round to my local doll house shop.

I could see the same and better items on the shelf. The prices were within cooee of the overseas ones and there was no postage, ferret tax, or DHL human sacrifice needed. I paid and walked with the goods. Plus had a good chat with the lady who runs the store and mentally marked out my next purchase.

We all need to eat; some of us less, some of us more. But we need to feed our friends at the same time. The UK has 90 million people to draw from, and the US and Canada have over 400 million to do business with each other. Bless them with prosperity, but let them satisfy themselves – we need to keep on doing business in Australia.


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