Hold The Bright Green Banner High!

Photo People Rep E

Forward against the forces of backward! Rise from your downtrodden position and assume an uptrodden one! Join in universal solidarity with the Lime Revolution!

No more landlords! From now on we will all be lime lords! Respond to the call of the lime! Step into the lime light.

Best of all, this is a revolution that can claim a true Australian as inspiration. The Round Lime, or Citrus Australis is a a large shrub that grows in the Beenleigh area of Queensland. And we all know what else comes from Beenleigh…rum…How much better could it be!

And we can count on support from India, Indochina, and Mexico. Freshly squeezed lime juice is a key ingredient in the cuisine of all these areas.

I need not mention Key lime pie…

Cells of limeists will be formed in cellars, universities, and bars all over the nation. Drinking of margaritas, gimlets, and Rickeys will be ritualised until all the delegates are lying on the floor. The Citrus manifesto will be published in 4 languages; English, French, Hindi, and Gibberish.

Note banner on page is for the Ministry Of Lime – Photographic division.


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