And Now For Some Good News


In news just to hand, it has been announced that Mrs Hilary Clinton and Mr Donald Trump will be getting married in November. While this has come as somewhat of a shock to their respective spouses, the American Bar Association Divorce Division has welcomed it as the high point of their 2016 legal year.

The normal waiting period for the home states of Mr Trump and Mrs. Clinton is generally a little longer than 2 months but the  Supreme Court of the United States has just voted in favour of waiving this requirement in the interests of seeing what is going to happen. Sources close to the Justices of the Supreme Court say there is an open book on the outcome and some serious money has been put up.

The marriage of the two candidates for the presidency will not affect the actual election – American voters can still go to the polls and choose which one of the candidates they want to put on top. Whether the newlyweds adhere to this arrangement, or each other, or the sheets, will depend largely on the humidity in the presidential bedroom.

The Republican Party and Democratic Party Headquarters have issued a joint statement supporting the marriage. All they have asked for is a promise that whichever one of them is the spokesperson for the other, that they do not tell us the state of the union. Or the sheets.


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