Neo-Colonial Subversive Dialectical Re-Vegan-Deconstuctivist Paradigm Shift


The World Congress Of Blaming has issued Directive N0. 8A to contract the bourgeois tendency of people to forget that they are guilty as charged. Memes will be issued to skilled World Congress operatives for insertion into social media to remind everyone that they are either oppressed or oppressive, and that we will be the arbiters of it.

This years Olympics, political murders, and mosquito-borne viruses will be linked to the great grandparents of the viewers and suitable invoices issued for reparations, blood money, guilt gelt, and non-payment of library fines. Anyone who has the wrong chromosomes will be targeted. The Committee Of Cooperative Contumely is currently deciding which strands of DNA will be sending monthly cheques to other strands, but you may rest assured that the Committee will be included in the get rather than the give.

It has been pointed out that there may be a cooling of tempers and calming of nerves when the hotter summer weather eases off in the northern hemisphere. The World Congress deplores this and will be doing its best to find new old outrages to shake in front of the cameras in the autumn. In the case of the American election the wrong candidate will be elected and howls of protest, riots, bus burnings, and looting of television, sportswear and liquor stores will be organised on a sensible schedule. This will occur whichever candidate wins, or if there is no decision made.

The World Congress also wishes to announce their 30th annual Slogan Competition for 2017. As you know, this year’s racially-charged three-worder has been sadly hijacked by people who have suggested that it need not be racially charged…and by changing one word have succeeded in making a breach in the integrity of the envelope and letting out some of the hot air. This is most inconvenient as it has caused the slogan to sag somewhat and to come down to a lower altitude. In some states it has barely made it over the Mississippi River going in either direction.

What we need for 2017 is propaganda that is simple enough for the simple to parrot but complex enough to defy rational thought by any other birds. Three words may be risking too much – preference will be given to a two word catch cry or even one simple word that can be howled while besieging the dole office.

” Arrrrr” has already been taken for World Pirate Day.

As well, there will be a one-off Blame Prize awarded to the designer of a mask that can be used to conceal the identity of the wearer while not advertising a motion picture. Sealing against tear gas and a tasteful colour  would also be nice.

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