Smile, And Run


I am sure that I would be happy in the presence of the Dalai Lama. I can’t say His Holiness would feel all that comfortable with me, but he’s a pretty resilient sort of chap…In any case I think him a man without guile and a social asset wherever he goes.

In contrast, there are people I have met who have made me long for the fire exit. In some cases it has been their appearance – in others their demeanour. In a few case I cannot say what was wrong, but it WAS wrong, and likely to become wronger as time wore on.  After a few horrifying experiences, I realised that when I felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise it was time for the exit. Whether it led to the barber or the bomb shelter is irrelevant. When it was time to go………I went.

Some people mean you harm. If you are lucky they may attempt it early when you are closer to the door than they are. Abandon dignity and run.

Some people mean you well, and are prepared to encompass your destruction to effect it. See previous paragraph, Bless them, but still run for it.

Some just mean themselves harm. You must decide whether you wish to assist them or stand back and let nature take its course. Are you prepared to interfere with Darwinian evolution? Do you wish to eventually wrestle with the thought that you saved Hitler in the trenches or the last snake in Ireland? If they are bound to cut the red wire, are you bound to stop them?

If you can make the world a happier and better place, should you? Remember that if you are kind to the school bully who terrorized you, they may think that what they did was good policy and continue it in later life.

I am not advocating total withdrawal from social contact, but I do think that it is wise to look at the people who are near you and the context in which they appear…and if they and it are dodgy, it is time to dodge out of it.



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