The Fight Attendant Strolls Down The Aisle…


Casually buckling on a parachute…

Have just received business proposal from a firm… with a wildly inflated price. Compared similar business proposal from other firms…half that price from them. Decided to ring first business to see what gives.

Got pleasant person in what sounded like a busy office. Exchanged identifying information but found that further info was sought. Declined to supply such pestiferousness as a mobile number…they can talk to me on a land line, as they were doing just then. Asked abut the high quote.

Pleasant person had to cut away to “talk to supervisor” and had difficulty finding information ” because we have changed systems “. I’ll bet they have indeed…

We’ll see if they requote with a normal figure. Then we’ll consider whether the business has been hijacked or vanished inside a pillow fort…

Fortunately there are other, local, businesses that can take up the reins.


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