Gaw…lee, Sergeant…


For those of us who remember Gomer Pyle USMC on the television, and remember it with affection, the quote will be familiar. For those of us who also remember English marmalade from McRobertsons in the 1950’s the quote should be adjusted to Golly. But apparently we can’t say it or contemplate the image or the concept of the Golly without being accused of the bitterest crimes.

It would appear that, like McRobertson’s in the UK, Australia is to be compelled to give up the Gollywog. Beechworth has a sweets manufacturer who up until now has been able to have a Golly in their advertisements along with what looks like a wallaby and a koala. It is to be no more – an anonymous Social Corrector has seen it and demanded that the Golly be removed.

This is a wonderful thing for the Social Corrector. It has given them insect authority to control what they cannot make and compel others to obey them, from behind a sheet.

This is cowardice of the lowest order. If you are going to complain, complain openly and be seen for what you are. You may still be able to bully and enslave others if you are arrogant enough, but at least they will know who is doing the harm…and possibly examine your life and ideas…

I will not be casting the innocent Golly out into the night. The heading image will appear on my Facebook page for a month. If I find a Golly in a shop, I will invite him home to tea, and serve marmalade and hot crumpets. It is the only decent thing to do. Anything less would be racist.

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