Page 38 Of the Backstabbers Guild Of Australia Chemistry Textbook


In this experiment you will discover how far people can be led down a pathway before they discover they are being toyed with. You will need an internet, a computer link, and a social media site.

Begin by constructing a simple and amusing post about something that interests most people. It should not be political, religious, or sexual…favoured topics are cats and/or food. Make the posting light and pleasant to read,  but remember to include the words politics, liberal, and progressive in the links column. You need not do anything else – the mechanics of the thing are automatic.

As soon as your posting flutters out onto the international stage, arms will appear from either side to attach political links to it. These will be guided for the most part by the preferences of staffers in the Facebook organisation, which in turn will be guided by the directives from the management of Facebook, which in turn will be controlled by whoever has enough money to buy their opinion. You need not add any thought yourself.

The viewers of your initial kitten meme or dinner recipe will be invited to click on further links to belittle western democracy and/or the United States. There will be as many dubious photos as verifiable ones and the captions to them will be of such a nature as to deprive anyone of the power to discriminate. At the same time diet pills and overpriced electronic toys will be offered to give the impression that this propaganda is normal advertising.

You may wish to finish the experiment by listing a fixed number of ” celebrities ” that are either uglier or prettier than they were when they were employed. 10 is the usual dose, though if they started out as porn stars you can extend it to 20. No-one will feel cheated if you substitute pictures of Alaskan crabs for the actual publicity pictures. Try for crotch shots.

When you are finished, sit back and enjoy the result. Now you are a media success.


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