Kibbitz Me Not


Have you ever played a game of cards at your own house with three people opposite you and one kibbitzer at your back? Was it fun? Did you feel that you were in control of your life? Were you reaching around under the card table for a pointed object to stab into their chest?

Imagine that the card game is American politics right now. And that you are a registered American voter – a player in the game of life, with a stake in the middle and trying to control as much as you can of the play. Would you appreciate an Australian kibitzer standing behind you telling you how you should vote and popping ready-made memes in front of your nose every few minutes? Remembering that the Australian has no stakes on the table and no legal right to do anything except buy beer and shut up…

I feel the same about the social media here – Facebook in particular. I am daily bombarded with the opinions of people who have no stake in that game, and frequently no opinion of their own. They do have fingers that can re-post the opinions of others ( who have no stake in the game…), but those same fingers could be better employed cleaning noses…

One Facebook friend DOES have a stake in the business, and he is diametrically opposed to the bulk of the kibbitzers. His posts are no saner than theirs, but he does have the right to vote in the election of which he writes. I hope that he gets his wish.

For the others, I would be grateful if they would go off and shrill at our local politicians – goodness knows there are enough in Parliament to satisfy anyone’s desire for love to hate. Like Voltaire, I urge them to dig their own gardens and, if possible, avoid putting the end of the spade in their eye. They may put it somewhere else…

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