I Support Postjudice


Yesterday was an eye-opener in the workshop.

It was paint day for my newest project Wednesday and I had started out well by purchasing a good tin of undercoat and carefully applying it to the completed woodwork. As the project involves MDF there is no point in trying to stain it to look like good quality timber – it just needs to look like well-painted wood.

The undercoat went on as expected and sanded off nicely. Then today it was time for the colour coat – the tin was duly shaken and the brand new brush dipped in…and the first stroke along the wood told me I was in trouble. Paint is supposed to flow and unite with itself as well as with the substrate – that’s what forms a coat of colour. This stuff looked like cheap chocolate syrup spread out, but there was no cohesion. I looked carefully to see if I had got the wrong type of paint…but it was from the same manufacturer as the undercoat and was the recommended finish. The shop temperature was fine and there was no contamination…

The problem was  – it was lousy cheap paint. I wiped it off and scrubbed the surface to stop it from setting.

I hammered the top back on the tin and headed for the hardware store. The closest I could match it with was a couple of cans of Dulux spray paint. I didn’t even bother asking for a refund on the cheap tin of syrup, though I did warn the kid on the counter as I handed it to him that it was dodgy, and to beware of selling more to other people.

At home I turned on the radio, started shaking the rattle tins to a South American samba beat, and in 3 1/2 minutes was spraying. Perfect coverage. A half hour later the second coat could go on and the results when I take the masking tape off today should be great.

Postjudice? The exercise of judgement after the fact rather than before it. I was prejudiced against spray painting before as I had always brush painted wood. Now I will reverse that feeling and consider it as a very good idea when the next project is underway.


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