A Matter Of Standards



I normally do not criticise my fellow modellers or photographers. I feel everyone should have an opportunity to express themselves in the best way that they can, and I am as pleased by real effort on inexpensive things as upon more costly devices. I also appreciate the levels of skill that one develops over the years – maturity in craftsmanship is evident.

But I must say that I can still be distressed to see neglect. Gross neglect.


The cars that you see in these photographs were not inexpensive things – the Bugatti and the Mercedes were amongst the cream of European vehicles in the 1920’s and 1930’s. In times of poverty and oppression they were the prized transportation modes of the oppressors, and deserve to be recognised as such. What a sad and worrisome thing to see them neglected!


The owner of these vehicles should be ashamed of the way that he has ignored them. There is rust and decay wherever you look – in one case it seems to have eaten entirely through the fenders of the Mercedes. The poor thing is fit for a scrap heap.

_DSC0015And look at the window of the Bugatti. I mean, how much effort would it take to put a new pane of glass in there. The upholstery looks dreadful, and there is no excuse for it. Half an hour with a Hoover would’ve prevented this.


Of course, once you have let leather upholstery go to this extent you might as well throw it out and get new – except the owner of these cars obviously does not realise that these are classics and you can’t just go down to Supacheap Autos and get spares. A little bit of foresight could have saved much of the cars.


And I am horrified to think of those tyres going out on the road. I don’t suppose that the owner cares about the road regulations if he expects to get on the highway with those – I certainly hope the police red sticker him at least. Gaol time would be appropriate…


Still, nothing is as bad as it might be made out. He seems to have made a start on cleaning up and preserving an engine. Whether this more responsible attitude will extend to making the chassis safe and starting on the bodywork remains to be seen. I am not too sanguine about it. Some people just have no standards.


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