From Those Wonderful People Who Brought You…


The Advertising Minds are a frightening thing for most of us to contemplate. At various times they have sold us chocolate Cream Of Wheat, Pokemon, Hitler, and the 1949 Crosley Hotshot car. Had they been able to arrange conference times for the various agencies involved, they probably would have been able to work them all into one campaign…



Occasionally they went beyond this, as this model entry into the 2016 Super Model Car Sunday proves. It documents, and illustrates, the use of a Ford Mustang convertible in an advertising promotion on an observation deck of the Empire State Building in New York City.


Hint: there is no drive -in access ramp to the observation deck of the Empire State. You cut the car into pieces, put them into the freight elevator, press the button, and listen to the Muzak. At the top you bolt it together for the advertising shot. Then you heave the carcass over the edge of the observation deck, wait until the crashing and screaming dies down, and leave town.


There is another story to it, but this is my column and you have to read what I write.


My compliments to the modelling team who decided to depict this in a tin shed. I am particularly taken with the depiction of the green marble of the lobby. I have no idea whether this is authentic, but I approve of the look of it


And I cannot praise the decision to include the giant gorilla enough. If they would like to have him circled with biplanes I can recommend the ” Classic Planes ” S.P.A.D. as inexpensive and colourful – almost the right scale as well.




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