Happy Birthday


A friend has just had a healthy baby girl. On her own birthday. This is going to be a money maker for all the shops in a 10 mile radius over the next decade….

The first birthday for one will also be the next birthday for the other, and there will be presents galore. The second birthday there will be even more presents, plus two more candles, then the third birthday and so it goes on…The cakes will get bigger…they’ll need to be to accomodate the increased number of candles. Eventually they will present a fire hazard and the family will receive a warning notice from the Fire Department.

Then the firm that makes LED birthday candles will step in and reap the benefits.

This Christmas may be a little soon, but Christmas 2017 will be a bumper year for Toys R Us. 18 month-old parents are the stuff of dreams as far as toy stores are concerned. Careers have been founded on these sort of sales…

In the meantime all the friends of the happy family will be able to discharge their stock of corny jokes and baby advice. The new parents will be told exactly what to do by everyone and all the advisers will contradict each other. Everyone will have an opinion. Of course they will all be right…

For myself, I am going to sit back and wait. Teenage years are the time when the most fun occurs. And I am waiting until the day when the new daughter is taller than the new mother…

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