Your Ref In The Voterendum


The announcement from the Western Australian Parliament today that a referendum will be held on the subject of exiting from the Commonwealth of Australia caught many news broadcasters unprepared. The only official announcement so far has been on Radio KBWW – The Voice Of Walla Walla. As this is a 25 Watt AM station in the centre of the state of Washington it is unlikely that the news has spread much around Perth as yet.

Walla Walla, Washington is twinned with Walla Walla, NSW and we suspect that there has been a little confusion in the newsrooms. As the state abbreviation for Washington State is WA , which also applies to Western Australia, the mistake is a natural one.

As it is, however, many residents of both WA and WA will welcome a firm political bond free of the shackles of Canberra ACT or Washington DC. No word yet as to defence or trade bonds but we note with pleasure that this state is stuffed to the gills with uranium and Hanford is still there in the Yakima Valley, so something should be possible.

Twinning Portland with Medina or Leda has also been suggested, and it would serve them all right.

Let’s do this!

Note – the state bird problem also needs to be solved. Over there it is a goldfinch – here it is a black swan. Either we’re going to need a fair bit of yellow spray paint here or an equal amount of waterproofing compound there. Negotiations are continuing.

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