Buy A Meme Now


The Backstabbers Guild Of Australia has a great offer for you – your own meme. Your own damaging meme. An image of you taken at a time when a puff of wind has displaced your hair – or the edge of your dress – and you have been made to look awkward. If you have a silly expression on your face at the time…or really any expression at all… our talented team of BGA writers will craft a satirical sentence to make you look even worse. Ever so much worse.

Our service here is comprehensive – once the meme is made, the IT team will size and reduce it for inclusion on all social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and the Distribution Department will make sure that it hits the computer and cell-phone screens of the entire world. Not only that, but we have dedicated operatives around the globe who will make sure that it is re-tweeted or re-sent for weeks after the first exposure. You’ll never be out of the public eye, nor will your name ever be off the lips of the electronic audience. They will laugh you to scorn for months. People will spit at you in the street…

You look concerned. Is that a frown on your face? Have you missed the point of this communication?

This is all possible, and given the number of enemies that you have, probable. But it need not be. One cheque and it all goes away. We are not enthusiasts. We are not zealots. We are not pitiless avengers of political wrong.

We are business people. Did you want a receipt with that?


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