A Case Of Nerves

1Zowie Cover Jan 55

And if you can’t afford a whole case, take a handful wrapped in brown paper. They may wiggle a bit, so hold tight.

I post these columns here on WordPress, which is stoical enough to send out ANYthing. I am grateful for their courage and assistance. One of the places that the words go to is Facebook, which also displays them for free. So far so good. But I notice of late that Facebook has an opinion about what can be put out on the front shelf and what goes onto the back rack. As there is nothing noxious or illegal about any of the posts here or on my other blogs, I can only put it down to a set of bad electronic nerves on the part of the Facebook computers.

I would be delighted if I thought there were actual people involved in the decision – if there were, I would play to them.

I suspect it is word counting and word recognition in the computers that does it. My last post contained the words ” political “, ” correctness “, and ” revolver ” and I’ll bet that set the alarm lights off from Langley to Llandudno. And resulted in the post being shunted to the rear. I can only hope that it now gets read closely by some clerk in an Office Of Censorship, and that it either enlightens or enrages them. I will take any audience I can get, laughing or crying.

So these two Fortran machines walk into a bar and one…


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