The Bare Bear Market


We have been receiving disturbing financial news now for what seems to be about 25 years. It all appears to be moving toward a crash year by year and it is amazing to see how far we have come in comfort and security during this time. Those of us who depend for our happiness upon crushing the piteous cries of the rich and entitled under our steel-shod jackboots have been particularly delighted, as the rich and entitled do seem to let off this noise at the slightest occasion.

Thus we have a bear market, with a new set of cubs each spring. Regulators are regularly regulating it, and we have all benefitted. The poor are poorer, except in the cases where they are not, and the rich are richer, if they can get the lawyers to shoot their sons and daughters away from the money pile. We can all blame the banks for this, as well as blaming them for he loss of the HINDENBURG and the lack of that really crisp bacon we got before the war.

Is there any hope? Of course there is/isn’t. What would economic degrees be worth if there was/wasn’t hope? You have to have either a tenure or a tenner in this game.

How about all the financial institutions that have collapsed? And the rogue traders? We could name names, if we knew any. Fortunately we don’t move in those circles and the general financial troubles seem to be biting them harder than it bites us. Hard to mourn the loss of great paper wealth if it has never existed for us.

So the answer to surviving in a bear market must always be sought from the bear itself. We were able to contact one today and he said:

” Wucka Wucka”

I think we can all take some comfort there.


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