It Must Have Made Sense At The Time


” Rah Rah running boards and rumble seats…Them were the good old days. ”

Briefly remembered snatch of song…but here’s another designer rumbling along in the back of a small British Ford. Decades after the Talbot we showed earlier, but still making the less-favoured sit out in the rain.

One person has pointed out that this is really a two seater. Yep. Trying to be a four seater. And expending a great deal of sheet metal work and parts to do it badly. Also depriving the two-seater’s owner of any useful boot space by filling it up with folding upholstery.


” Oh but look at the flowing speed lines of the car when it is closed. ”

Look at the air dam when it is open.


” But it has a wooden dash. ”

But it doesn’t. It has a wood-grain painted metal dash. A good piece of decoration, but decoration nevertheless, intended to suggest some sort of higher status for the owner. In any case if they are riding inside, they at least have higher status than the ones out on the rear deck dodging gravel.

And yes, I realise that there are no running boards on this Ford. It’s either a wonderful feature of 1930’s modern design or Henry was too cheap to give ’em running boards. He’s left them with a little bare behind…




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